GANZ Instruments Ltd.

GANZ Instruments Ltd. manufactures a wide range of electric /electronic measuring and controlling equipment. GANZ Instruments Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers Of the above products in Europe and has over 50 years experience in electrical engineering and measurement.

Current transformers
Standard low voltage CT-s
Split core CT-s
CT-s with transducer
Protection type CT-s
Primary winding CT-s

Switchboard instruments
Analogue and digital switchboard
instruments (panel meters)

Portable laboratory instruments
Precision ammeters, Voltmeters, Wattmeters, power factor meters, multimeters, insulation testers ...

Kilowatt-hour meters
For DIN-rail or switchboard mounting 1- or 3-phase....

Analogue and digital switchboard
instruments (panel meters)

Power supply family
Thermo-protected, 230V AC aux., 5...24V output

60 mV // 150 mV // special ranges high quality upto 0.2 accuracy class
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