Meriam is a world leader in hand-held HART® communicators and calibrators and is the first company to develop the next generation of fully HART® SDC-625 compliant communicators with direct communication to any registered or unregistered device. visit site

MFC5150 HART Communicator

MFT4000 CE IS Multi Function Modular Calibrator / HART Communicator

Pressure Modules for MFT 4000, 4005,

40101120 Series Differential Pressure Units

Z300 Series Piston Diaphragm Gauge

Z200 Series Piston Diaphragm Gauge

M2110F Smart Flow Gauge

M2110L Smart Level Gauge

M2110P Smart Pressure Gauge

MGF16BN Digital Pressure Gauge

1126P-2 Portable Indicator

MP-100KT Calibration Pump

M-600KT Combo Pneumatic Calibrator Pump

MH-10KT Hydraulic Pressure Pump


50MC2 Series Laminar Flow Element

50MR2 Series Laminar Flow Element

MDT500 Multivariable Transmitter

LFS-1 Flow Measurement System

33KBX35 Multiple Tube Well Type Manometer

30EBX25, 30EBX50, 30EFX25 Well Type Manometers

40HEX35 Inclined Tube Manometer

10AA25 U-Type Manometer

20DAX40 High Pressure U-Tube Manometer

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